How to Save Hulu Videos to Your PC

Published: 12th November 2009
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Recently we were trying to determine what kind of software can actually download TV shows and movies from Hulu, one of the most popular streaming video-on-demand websites. Googling for "download Hulu video" you might be totally lost in streaming video downloaders. Each software company claims they know how to download Hulu videos, but the number of working applications seems to be very limited indeed. Some of downloading softwares are pointed to download the video directly from the website to your computer as most YouTube downloaders do. Others are focusing on video picture when you watch Hulu video and merely record it. The first technology is more preferred as the video comes with original quality and picture resolution. However the second one is much more reliable.

Replay Video Capture is the software to capture streaming videos and it can be used for Hulu either. Prior to video recording, the program requires audio setup. To record Hulu video, firstly you need to mark the region of the screen where the video is using "Get Window" option. Then click "Record" button to start. In the result the program produces watchable Hulu downloads in WMV or MPG video format. Unfortunately this technology has some disadvantages. In case your Internet connection is slow or interrupts, each time the recorded video turns jerky. Another lack is the output video resolution limited to the playback window size that you capture. However, Replay Video Capture software can be the way out when there is no chance to download the particular video losslessly. This is a great application mainly to capture the screen as a web monitor to record user activity.

Another software solution to record Hulu video using screen capture is RipTiger. RipTiger is well-known application to download from dozens of video sharing sites like YouTube, Yahoo, CNBC, Daily Motion, ESPN and many others. However for Hulu it still uses the screen capturer. The major advantage of RipTiger is that software captures any video in background mode. No user attention and extra clicks are required at all. Wait for them to add fully functional Hulu support. And one more way to capture Hulu video with screen capture is to use WM Capture software.

The software products that can actually download Hulu videos losslessly are Hulu Downloader and Hulu Video Downloader 3.30. Hulu Downloader is the powerful utility that currently includes such modules as FLV Browser, FLV Downloader, FLV Video Converter, Video to FLV Converter, FLV Audio Ripper and FLV Fixer. This is the complete software package to operate with Flash video files. Besides Hulu, this software features support for many popular video streaming websites. To download from Hulu, switch to FLV Browser mode and navigate to the desired movie or TV show. Hulu Downloader will capture the real URL of the video and forward it to URL list. The last step left is to select video URL and click "Download" button. One remark, it currently works for Windows x32 only.

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